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in the Netherlands

A career at Head Staffing

Our mission is to contribute to food security and highly efficient manufacturing of food.

Working At Head is not a temporary job, it is a professional career in the food.

At Head Staffing we support your career with onsite trainings, language courses fixed contracts and more. We already trained dozens of people to become a professional operator, reach truck driver or a team leader.

We work only in the food sector, for example industrial bakeries, tapas factories, cheese factories or the production of cold cuts. From day one you will receive a contract with guaranteed hours, that way your income is assured.

After six month we offer a fixed (indefinite) contract and in case you live in a house of Head Staffing we help you to get your own home.  Also Dutch courses are provided, Head Staffing helps you to get fully integrated in the Dutch society.

To wrap it up, Head Staffing supports you to get a professional live and career in the Netherland by:

  • Offering guaranteed hours of work from the start
  • Offer trainings to further develop your skills
  • Provide you a fixed contract after six month
  • Support you in getting you own house
  • Offer Dutch Language trainings to support your Dutch skills.

Feel like starting you career at Head Staffing?