Working at Head Staffing

 Income guarantee

Head Staffing operates only in the food sector. At this moment we work for cheese factories, Tapas factories, cold cuts slicing and Bakeries. Due tot the fact that we only operate in the food branch only we can and will guarantee work tot out tempworkers. This means that starting week one you will have a guaranteed income.

Requirements for working in the Netherlands.

Everyone who works in the Netherlands needs the following:

  • A valid ID or Passport
  • Iban-number & BIC Swift
  • SOFI number (social security number) If you don’t have this we will help you to obtain one.
  • Have proof that you are allowed to work in the Netherlands (ID passport of one of the Schengen Countries, a correct IND status, or a working permit.
  • A Dutch health insurance (if you don’t have one Head Staffing will provide you with one).

First day at Head Staffing

You will arrive at our office, after a welcome and coffee / tea. You will get a further explanation of the work, we will finish registration and contract check documents and often ask you to make an online test. After everything is done you will brought to your home (if you don’t have your own location). You will be informed where and when to start.


Head Staffing pays specifically according to the CLA from the company you are working for. This goes for your hourly wage, shift- and overtime allowance, travel expenses and when applicable extra cold-working-environment-allowances.

This also means that you will get a raise once you become for example an operator, or work more than a year for a client of Head Staffing.

To get paid you need an European bank account (IBAN Number) After each ending of a week, we will pay your salary on Wednesdays, depending on your bank you will receive the amount on Fridays the latest.


You earn on average two paid vacation days for every month that you work fulltime.

A total of 25 days per year. You need to plan your holiday in advance though.

Please consult you Flexcoördinator as early/soon as you can, though not later than 2 weeks in advance. You may plan your holiday after receiving the approval from the Flexcoördinator.


A pension plan will be set up for you after 6 months of employment according to the national temp CLA regulations.