FAQ Employee

FAQ employee

Head Staffing follows exactly the collective labor agreement, so every employee receives the same hourly wage, shift allowances, overtime allowances, any cold allowances and travel costs to which they are entitled.

Head Staffing finances internal training for its employees for operator functions, for example. We also offer forklift training, EPT training and language training.

If you are living in a house of Head Staffing, you can get an interest-free loan after 7 months of proper functioning to finance your deposit for your own home. You will also receive language training and the last week’s rent at Head will be waived as compensation for your moving costs.

We try to accommodate everyone within cycling distance. Head Staffing can then sell you a bicycle, but you can of course also arrange a bicycle yourself. If you live further than 10 KM at a Head Staffing location, we will arrange transport. Head Staffing expects you to arrange your own transport in due course. If that is more than 10 KM, you will receive a travel allowance.

The week after you have worked, we will transfer your salary on Wednesday. Depending on your bank, it will be in your account by Friday at the latest. In weeks with public holidays, different days apply, which are always communicated in advance.

Of course, you accrue two vacation days per month worked. Taking a holiday is done in consultation with your Flex Coordinator, your holiday is only final if he or she gives permission.

Every employee in the Netherlands is compulsorily insured for health costs with a Dutch health insurance policy. If you do not have a current insurance policy, Head will take out this for you, the premium for this will be deducted per week.

Head offers you an hour guarantee upon arrival. That means you can always have income. So even if the work is a little less at your regular employer, we offer an alternative, always in the food sector.

All our customers work in two or three shifts.

Head Staffing is looking for people who want to work for a longer period of time (unless stated otherwise).
The reason is that we want to invest in you in your career.

After you have worked for six months, you accrue pension in the STIP pension fund.

If you are part-time available, you can work as an on-call worker at Head Staffing.

You have the choice of holiday pay, whether it is partly paid out per week and the rest at the end of May, or you can have everything paid out at the end of May.

Head Staffing is looking for people who want to work for a year or longer. If you still want to stop, we apply a notice period of two weeks, this gives us the time to find a good replacement for you.

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