Stable income & guaranteed hours

Your salary

Head Staffing will pay standard weekly advances of €300,-* when you start working for us. This will be done for the first 12 weeks of your employment with our company. These advances will be a transfer from our bank to yours.

When the 4-weekly payment is done, you will receive your pay slip. So there will be ONE paper every 4 weeks. On this paper you can find all your working hours, deductions for the rent, insurance and deductions for the weekly advances.  

In a period of 4 weeks, you will receive 4 advances. Example:

  • Week 1 = €300 advance
  • Week 2 = €300 advance
  • Week 3 = €300 advance
  • Week 4 = €300 advance + pay slip with all working hours, allowances and deductions.

            This means that you will get two payments on your bank in week 4.

*€300,- is the maximum you will receive per week. There are a number of factors that play a part to decide how much advance pay you can get every week. The points below make you lose the right for one day, which is €60,- per day:

  • You must be available for work 6 days in the week;
  • Sickness;
  • Not showing up for your shift;
  • Being too late at work for your shift;
  • If you did not accept a shift (at a different location);

When you start working in the middle of the week, the calculation will be done starting that day.

Basically, what this means, if you are available OR work fulltime for 4 weeks, your guaranteed salary is €1200,00. Then your rent and insurance has already been paid for.

In the calendars shown, the dates marked in yellow tell you when you are going to receive your pay slip and additional payment for all salary.

Head Staffing is the only agency in the Netherlands, that offers a
permanent contract from day one and guaranteed income!

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