Work in the Netherlands


Head Staffing is proud to work with the largest food production companies in the Netherlands. They are located in different cities all over the Netherlands.

Everyone who works in the Netherlands needs the following documents:

  • A valid ID or Passport
  • Iban-number & BIC Swift
  • SOFI number (social security number) If you don’t have this we will help you to obtain one.
  • A proof that you are allowed to work in the Netherlands (ID passport of one of the Schengen Countries, a correct IND status, or a working permit.
  • A Dutch health insurance (if you don’t have one Head Staffing will provide you with one).


First day at Head Staffing

After a positive application procedure, we will make an appointment at our Headquarter in Nieuwegein. 

Once you arrive at our office we will have a coffee / tea together and introduce ourselves. At this point you will get a further explanation of the company you are going to work for and what type of food products they are producing. Be aware that we will decide where you are going to work on the day of your arrival, as we have to consider the planning of our clients and available accomodation. After all questions have been answered, paperwork has to be done. We will sign you up for work, go through all contract documents and ask you to fill out an online registration form. After everything is done you will get the work planning app, so that you know when to start your first working day at the factory. 

If you don’t have your own place to stay, one of our colleagues will drive you to the accommodation, provided by Head Staffing. 

Our clients in the food production industry

TerBekeMeat Processing
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Ter Beke is an innovative Belgian fresh food group with a wide range of high-quality fresh food products. They mainly specialize in the production and sale of processed meat products and ready meals in many European countries.

As production worker at TerBeke you will start at the packaging division. Your responsibilities include controlling the pre-packed meat products, coming from the high-care slicing section. An important aspect of this task is to ensure that packaging standards are met, regarding closure, labelling and expiry date. You are the last controller, so always being sharp is essential. The completed products are packed, stacked on pallets and taken to the warehouse.
Royal A-Ware
Royal A-WareCheese Factory
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A-ware is a typical Dutch family based factory specialized in ageing, slicing and packaging cheese. Located in Almere, this factory specializes in all of these activities. A company where striving for improvement and innovation is of everyday importance. At A-ware, they process a vast amount of different types of cheese for supermarkets in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

As a production employee at A-ware Packaging you are at the end of the production line. In this stage of the production process you are responsible for the final check of the end product. You make sure both the information on the labels as the state of the overall product is up to standard. You make sure the products are correctly prepared for shipment to the customers.

De Graaf Bakeries
De Graaf BakeriesIndustrial Bakery
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De Graaf Bakeries is a modern 'instore bakery specialist' who is continuously innovating according to the principles of the traditional baker. The organization refines traditional recipes every day and developes 20 new products each year. With 250 enthusiastic employees, passionate bakers and innovative technology, founded on 3 decades of experience.

Working in Industrial Bakeries includes:
✔️ Baking cookies, cakes and snacks
✔️ Production of bake-off, frozen and fresh snacks
✔️ High demand of product quality control

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