Hello, my name is Robert Bokor.
I’m 26 years old and I’m from Hungary. I was coming to the Netherlands at 2017 Summer but i started to work for the Head at October 2019 with my lovely girlfriend. We got a pretty nice, and modern house with one more guy so we was only 3 of us in the house. It was the first red point for the Head, because I have a few bad experience with agency houses . They were friendly and helpful from the beginning and I felt I was coming in the best place to start our new life here, in this beautiful country. We started to work in the Cheese factory in Almere as packer, but after a few days I could show what I know, because they offered me a better position as machine operator. After 3 months I passed the practice exam and my hourly wage was going up. After a few months they asked me, maybe I want to get a license for reach truck, of course I said yes and I already have it. After 9 months we wanted to rent a house, they also helped to pay the deposit. Personally to me the Head agency gave very strong base brick to my life here in the Netherland.

Robert Bokor

Head Staffing