My husband and I worked through Head. Very satisfied with the work of the agency in terms of staff. The senior staff always responded to letters and helped solve problems at work. There have never been late payments …
We started working in the Netherlands almost two and a half years ago. Head agency provided factory work and accommodation. Initially, we worked 3-4 days a week. But the managers enjoyed our work, so started the invitation 5 days a week. The house agency was tidy, and although not luxurious, it was our first home in the Netherlands. As it is very difficult to rent housing here, we were very grateful to the agency.
After 8 months we rented a spacious apartment, because we already had a work history, we could more easily rent our own apartment.
1.5 years later, the man got Vast’s contract at the factory where he worked, and I had a Phase C with the Head Agency. So we applied to the bank for a loan and after receiving a positive response, we bought our house.
Half a year later, I also got a contract with the factory I work for.
As a result, after 2,5 years our collaboration with Head is over, we have our own homes and contracts, but we will always be grateful to Head for starting in the Netherlands.

Romana and Nerijus

Head Staffing